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[Squad] A Place for Tasty Leeks
A Place for Tasty Leeks


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Hey squaddies!


We wanted to speak up on the leak that happened earlier in the week, and the subsequent response. (If you didn't know... hey, stick around. =))


First, a huge thank you to everyone for your patience as we sorted out the chain of events and our response. 


Second, thanks to the subreddit moderators for granting our request to disallow leaks for a few days while we were figuring out the issue. (Which was… slightly complicated by the coronavirus. Don’t worry! We’re taking precautions.)


We’d like to give you all a chance to discuss what you saw in a thread dedicated to discussing what you discovered.

Regarding the leak itself: the content you’re likely to see wasn’t intended to be released yet due to a new build process and may still change significantly. It’s still got plenty of polish (though the art is pretty dang close to done!), optimization, testing, and debugging to do. 


So what does all of this mean for you? The content that was leaked won’t be available until it’s done, which won’t be part of the B19 release. (We’ll have more word on testing soon though. Hang in there.) 


We’re hoping the little sneak preview gives you some insight into the cool stuff we’re still planning for Squad. (In addition to the optimizations, dragging, map updates, engine updates, and more!)


We truly appreciate your patience over the last couple of days and hope you’ll enjoy what’s in store for Squad!


Offworld Out.

P.S. You can find the reddit version of this here.
Wer es nicht mitbekommen haben sollte...

Geleaked wurde ein Bild einer neuen Fraktion die sich Middle Eastern Alliance nennt. Sah so aus wie eine konventionelle Streitkraft. Als Waffen konnten man da Ein G3 mit Zieloptik und ein MG3 sehen. Was Fahrzeuge angeht gab es ein BRDM-2 mit Raketenwerfer und ein BMP-1 zu sehen. Geleaked wurde ebenfalls die Map Fallujah Invasion.

Das geleakte Bildmaterial werde ich aber nicht posten.
Die sollten mal an der Unterstützung von Joysticks mit schubhebel arbeiten!!!

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