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[Scum] SCUM - Patch Notes & SCUM comic #12
SCUM - Patch Notes & SCUM comic #12

Baby Sippy is still dropping the notes, I'm a͖͙̻̞̻̻̓̌l͍i͉͓̥̲̍̀ͦv̬̞͔̲͎̻̰e̙͙ and well, no need to worry guys! Interesting t̪̯͈̏̍͛̔í͚͚̝̙͈̩̝͗m̩̯̗̙̺͚ͦ̓ě͂̈́̋s͔̜̬͉̟̄̐ are waiting for us, and we are cooking up something special, but let's take o̡̙͔͉͉̺͕̖͛́̓ͧ̏͞n͕̝̜̹̼ͯ̽ͨͦ̓̌̔̚͢ę̶̀̋͂҉͈͖̩ step at time and get to the notes!

Just a quick word regarding the DDoS attacks that have been happening on our servers. We are more than aware of them, and we already made moves to improve our security and we will continue to do so.

  • High in the mountains h̝̖͚̘ͥ̍ǐ͖͋͋s̪̺̪͎̜̖̬t͉͙̬͉̜̿͛͌o͚̝̤̣r͙̻̹̦̈́ͬ͒ͬ͊ͅỷ̻̲̍͆͋̾ awaits.

  • We are finally bringing in those silencers, sights and scopes to p̮̯̲̥͐l̘̣̗̖̞̈́̉͐ͨͅḁ̹͙̅ẏ͊̒ͥ͆͆͑ with.

    3 improvised rails, and MP5 rail

    Improvised scope and M1 scope

    Various sights for various weapons, the one which stands out is the bottom left, that is a special scope for the M1

    Improvised s̬̤̙̯͙̔ͫ̚u̞͈͙͕̞̯̪͐ͪ̽̂ͪ́̚p͈̣̣̠͕͑ṕ̺̜̪͈̹r̟̤͔͕̰̒ͤ̂eͮs̯̊s̬͈̖̐ͅors from various items.

    Suppressors for the M82 in all color versions.

    Various suppressors with the left two being a special suppressor for the M1 and a flash muzzle for the M1

  • Improvised suppressors reduce noise for alerting puppets by 20%, factory made by 40%, all suppressors are audible up to 500m now

  • Here you can check compatibilty between all those attachments and weapons.

    Everything that is written in red is not yet implemented

  • Some people like to keep track of their nūͯ̃̓͑m̠̺͕̣͇̫b̎͐͆̀ě͎̂͑͌͂r̄̅̍͒̀̓͐s̀͑ͨ, and now we got you covered.

  • We l̟̦̥̩̯̀̓̿ͅỏ͔͖̮͌̈ͨv̬̿̊̽̇e̯͕̳̫̳̬͐̇̚ͅ our archery, so we did some things with the compound bow.

  • Now when you find the compound bow, find a toolbox and you will be able to adjust the draw weight exactly to your c̘̝̄ͦ̎ͯ̒͑̌h̩̺̘̣ͧ̅̊ͤ̓ͪ̆a̬̗̔̚r̫̬̯̞̟̠a͇̥̟̖̗̅̿͛ͬc̲̰̱͔̬̭͉̃̈̄̋͆t̲̟̗̩̳ͦ̓̿̿ͬ̋͆e̜̻r͇̳̥͕s preferences.

  • Also in first person there is a small dot so you can see what your picking up.

  • Fixed the bug where some holographic sights would display sniping info text.

  • Fixed the bug where character would get stuck while searching a non existant bush.

  • Fixed the bug if you have a gun with optics equipped and look through the scope and after that switch to binoculars - binoculars will display the optics interface.

  • Fixed resapawn option prices not being displayed correctly if changed in server config.

  • Fixed the bug where bolts were not consumed in making a improvised hatchet.

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't craft an improvised sword with improvised rope.

  • Fixed the bug where the broken metal pipe was not used in crafting of the improvised shotgun.

  • Fixed the bug where you could cut night vision google into rags.

  • Fixed bug where bullets would trigger hit effects when hitting detection spheres around prisoners.

  • Prisoner is no longer given prisoner clothes after respawning in events.

  • Fixed the bug where you could hear meat sizzling after eating it. Creepy.

  • Fixed a bug when you left an event, event icons would still persist on your screen.

  • Fixed bug with M82A1 when stamina is drained while scoping, it should lower the rifle down but it didn't. Now it does,
    • Welcome to a new part of our patch notes, this will include various bug fixes, optimizations and other goodies that make totally no sense but are funny...to me. Also those are just jokes, throw the salt out of the window, love you <3

    • Fixed 'people touching my code' bug.

    • Fixed missing closing bracket, I know, don't ask.

    • Ended patriarchy.

    • Patriarchy Strikes Back.

    • Made drill press and latte machine items. That one is mine, love my lattes.

    • Killing tutorial missions (RIP)

    • Fixed wood animation ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Changed damage to horse and bear from projectile weapons, now it takes less to kill them.

  • Return six pocket slots on improvised jacket.

  • Canned food can now say 'Sealed' or 'Empty' when using Check Taste action.

  • We upped the loot that cargo drops give you. Extra motivation.

  • Added the option to leave team from circular menu actions.

  • Hitting the neck bone is now considered a headshot.

  • Corrected aim down to sights center on several rifles and attachments

  • Corrected ammo count in ammo box for .50 BMG

  • Fixed character animation in character creation screen

  • Corrected improvised bow draw 50 animations.

  • Added new animations for compound bow.

  • Added new bow icons.

  • Tweaked underground ambience audio transitions

  • Tweaked footsteps loudness

Comic time! For those who just tuned in, here is a list of the previous issues:

And here is the newest addition(sorry for missing it last week):

Ui da kam schon einiges dazu...
sobald das bauen von besfestigungen kommt wird's wieder einen Hype geben^^ bis dahin nutzen wir mal den v14 Hype bei uns
Ich bin im Moment privat hart am Limit meines Zeitmanagements. In drei Wochen sollte es aber wieder besser werden. Wäre cool, wenn das Bauen dann schon da ist. Ich für mich werde aber kaum mehr auf ScumTV spielen. Die HC RP Regeln sind das Eine, aber die 7 Tage despawn anstatt 14 Tage ... das kann und will ich mir nicht mehr antun. Es gibt nun mal immer wieder mal eine Woche, wo ich keine Zeit habe. Und wenn dann immer wieder alles weg ist ... ne danke.
Vielleicht beginne ich ein neues Leben auf dem Delinquent PVP Server. Jetzt aber erst Mal die privaten Pendenzen über die Runden bringen. Freue mich auf paar Runden mit euch. Egal ob Squad v14 oder SCUM.

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