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[Scum] Patch Notes & SCUM comic #8
Patch Notes & SCUM comic #8

Hey, everyone, nice to see you all again! Hope you had a fun week and you're ready for a fun weekend! Let's get into the noootes.


A primal Event

  • Guess what! We added a lot of new bows and our arsenal of improvised weapons got bigger, so it was only right for us to make an event specifically for that! Let the best hunter win!

One more thing: Regarding all events we've increased the amount of fame points gained throughout the whole event, so wins in events will be a bit more impactful.

Quad Bike!

  • FINALLY! A NEW VEHICLE! Here's what you need to know about the quad:

    • It seats up to 2 people.

    • It's slower than the SUV.

    • It's adjusted for off-road driving.

    • Has less storage space than the SUV

Cooking Rework

  • In this patch you may notice the first of many changes to come in regards to the new cooking system.
    In previous patches we've introduced the ability to fuel crafted campfires, and now you'll be able to estimate how strong the fire is and how long it will keep burning just by looking at it. This is also reflected by the fire's temperature.
    This is important because now the food items have a proper cooking temperature they should be cooked at.
    Items now start to cook when their temperature reaches a certain value (dependant on the item), but if that temperature is too high, it will result in it being overcooked.
    If the item is emitting black smoke it should be taken away from the heat. Also keep in mind that the food will continue to cook for some time after being removed from heat, because of the heat it already absorbed.

    Pro tip: for best cooking temperature, wait for the fire to subside, and cook on the embers. Also fire does damage now, so don't stand in it.

    Currently we are experimenting with visual feedback on how to know when the cooking is done, and things will change as we tune the cooking mechanics!

Item Degradation

  • We are adding visual degradation so you can keep track of your items, this feature will be mostly used in cooking, and you'll see the effect on some items beyond cooking. As we improve it more items will be affected by it.

New Achievements.

  • We added 7 new achievements that are connected to surviving days on the island.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Sanitarium surroundings.

  • Fixed wind direction and speed in multiplayer

    • We noticed that it acted broken in certain situations. Now pay more attention to it when you make long range shoots as it will be a bit harder.

  • Fixed bug when taking compound bow in hands while standing on it would make you fly. (This was awesome and I'm sad its gone)

  • Fixed crash when items get dragged.

  • #SetTime command didn't work in SP now it works.

QoL Additions

  • The golden drone now has speed that matches player movements (inside and outside vehicles). That makes following the player easier.

  • Claimed doors without locks can be reclaimed now.

  • Prohibited lockpicking while having negative fame points

Comic time! Everyone say thank you to Ivona for her awesome work, and if you missed them, here are the previous issues.

Love, Notorious S.I.P.


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