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[Scum] Patch Notes
Patch Notes

Here we are again, new week, new patch, new awesome thingies on the horizon!

This week our biggest priority was to handle the issue with storing items into containers. So for now we disabled item storing in world containers (You can still safely store items in chests, your character and vehicle.) more about that you can read up here

Lets start things of with our new nice vacation place, the Coal mine! For now the omnious and dark depths of the mines lay empty, but for how long?

    Here you can see the area that the mine encompasses.This is how deep it goes...for now.

M1887 Shotgun

The M1887 can be your best friend in stick situations, the leave-action shotgun uses 12 gauge shells, and it was used widely on the island by small shop and gas station owners for self defense.

Pick up truck variations

Just to spice things up a bit we added more color variations to our pick up truck, also enhanced some of the details on it.

    Here you can see how some of the details looked before and after.

Also next week we will talk a bit more about handling vehicles in SCUM, and how does it work. We did some reworking on our whole pyhsics system, and we can't wait to share all the info with you guys!

20+ New Islands

Yup, you read it right, we added 24 new smaller islands all around the big island. For now they are still bare but with time interesting things will pop up on them for you to find out!

Lockpick rework.

We made little changes to lockpicking and how it works. We had a feel it was too easy to break a lock down, so we made it little harder:
  • Reduced the angle needed to unlock a door successfully.

  • The screwdriver has now 40 uses, before you could it use indefinitlley

  • Normal lockpick uses reduced to 4, and added an advance lock pick with 6 uses.

Server admin commands.

We added 3 more commands for you guys so you can customize your server even more.

  • AllowSectorRespawn

  • AllowShelterRespawn

  • AllowSquadmateRespawn

With this you can control how respawning works.

Bug fixes and other goodies.

  • Adjusted third person clipping prevention for crouch stance.

  • Bugfix for players dying when climbing windows.

  • Fixed placement of fortification blueprints being placed wrong sometimes.

  • Maximum resolution scale is now 200%

  • Small improvement for DLSS.

  • More .ini file restrictions.

  • More server optimisations by reducing count of replication objects.

  • Fixed a bug where the player could not level up awareness in multiplayer

  • Fixed a bug where cargo drop would drop multiple cargo drops.

In case you get a problem of connecting to a server, please keep in mind from the moment of the patch deployment that the servers can take up to 60 minutes to update!

Now that the patch notes are out of the way, we have a treat for you!
Down below you will find the first page of our new weekly comic series that will help you understand SCUM's lore even better! A big thank you to our Ivona - you are a star!

That's all for now folks - see you next week!

Wir müssen alle Pick UPS tauschen gegen Camouflage

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Clan Fight Night
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Clan Fight Night
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