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[Scum] Development update #9 & Community Q&A
Development update #9 & Community Q&A

And we are back! Before we go into the update, we want to say sorry for no patch this week... you know, reasons[], but we have some new interesting things to show that should hit the game soon, so let's get into it!

  • Missions are almost done, you will get a tutorial in the first wave, but with time we will add more missions that will tie into the lore and the various activities on the island.

  • It came from the darkness in silence, and it brought only death and doom. The steed of annihilation. Please make a super dramatic video while riding a bike in our game.

  • If the AK-47 had a 35 years younger brother it would be this beauty, the AK-12

  • There are a few things that our new inventory system will bring, from the obvious visual rework to the most important part that are the optimizations that will impact the game big time. More on that once the system hits the Island.

A small craftable cabin for your own universe.

  • But to build that cabin you will need a lot of logs and other stuff, and that takes time and lots of animations.

  • Tons of ruins, who knows what you can find exploring them?

  • Numbeeers, because we all love them. Here you will be able to keep track of your adventures, also if you have any suggestions what you would like to see in the stats section, let us know in the comments!

Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

  • Do you wanna knows the secret of growing a bad ass beard? Me too, if you find it let me know.

Here is a fresh community showcase from yours truly Beda, straight from the oven:

When you already know it is gonna stink bad, you need a mask to breathe

Howdy neighbor!

At least someone is

"Don't worry comrade, you find your rocks, I shall cover you"

Day 34: Goat still hasn't discovered I am undercover

SCUM has a different kind of campers

Here we see 2 kinds of people: one who likes his new sniper and one who won't

Remember that preacher crow from the last showcase? It knocked on the wrong door.

Is this SCUM or an Airsoft meetup?

Meet Mike. Mike is an ass

Bye Mike

Oh rock you so funny! I can Bearly control myself.

Bonus video:
Slavs gonna slav.

Now for some questions from our previous post:

  • Yes both features are planned to make an appearance down the line.

  • Plans? Yes. When? Can't say for sure so keep an eye out till Wonder leaks it.

  • It is planned yes. But currently all focus is on finishing the PC release and leaving Early access.

  • You may ask. Next question please.

  • Uhhmmmm.... Thanks?

  • Beda? Never heard of him.

  • Thanks for enjoying the game! As for the hair question check out the post above. Piercings, eye colors and more faces are all planned. We are still looking into height as it draws its own problems.

  • Considered. Planned. Done.

  • Can someone please remove this man from the premises? Security!

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