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I need you! - Squad Fantrailer Production
Hello everyone!

I talked to FokkeHassel about an idea I had last year for some months now and I finally want to make the next step and ask you guys if you are interested in helping.

My idea is nothing original or special but it is something nobody really does at the moment:
I want to produce a Squad Fantrailer that shows the game exactly like it is supposed to be played. A breed between Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay Trailer showing off what Squad is really capable off. No Alpha X.X showcase cinematic, no Gameplay Highlights. A real trailer that aims to inform people about the unique stuff that is going on in Squad.

I played PR for over 5 years and after kickstarting Squad I always thought about a way to promote Squad. I had some ideas for trailers and one is still buzzing around. I am a hobby editor myself and already tried out the SDK but I wanted to wait until the game is more stable and feature-finished before I actually produce a fan-trailer.

Most games have marketing material that does one of these things: Show the game off in a cinematic way, show off direct gameplay, or show off scripted gameplay. I think the best way to show potential customers and players what Squad is about, is to produce a cinematic gameplay trailer, that shows different Squads in different kinds of situations doing typical gameplay tasks like giving supressive fire, fighting against vehicles, support other squads with mortar fire... There are a lot of situations and moments that are unique to Squad and I think that's exactly what a trailer should show. But not only showing, no my idea is that the camera is right in there with the Squad and that the viewer can listen to what the players are saying. That way the trailer would be a melt between cinematic eyecandy and actual gameplay presentation. It would show HUD or UI where needed to make it clear what the players in the scene are doing while you could hear the SL giving instructions before action is taking place. It would also mainly show in-game material and only animate with the SDK where it is absolutely necessary, like in the end scene.

This is not a revolutionary idea but I don't see many games doing something like this. Since Squad is heavily based on communication and teamplay it makes absolutely sense to incorporate those things into the trailer. There is one video game campaign, that I personally think of as the best promotion for a video game ever created called "This is EVE." it's doing exactly what I described, showing off gameplay elements and cinematic scenes while also providing real voicecomms of players that were in these situations in-game. It managed to present exactly what EVE Online is about.

Of course Squad is a lot different but voice comms are just as important to Squad as to EVE. Do I need real voice-comms? Not necessarily... but they should sound right.

Here is why I write you:
I'm currently looking for in-game actors and voice-actors for the fan trailer. I aim to combine cinematic shots, first person gameplay and in-game voices to portray the battlefield of Squad as accurate and exciting as possible.
I decided to make this trailer mainly in-game and only use the SDK where it is absolutely needed to show Squad exactly like it is when playing. I don't want any fancy animations or beauty shots while still having a somewhat cinematic style to the production so it absolutely looks like gameplay.

The problem with that of course is, that I need virtual actors that join a server with me and act out what we have planned.

Right now I have a rough script written down that starts with connected scenes that tell a short story of the beginning of a Squad round and end in random moments, as I described them above.

FokkeHassel was so kind to grant me camera access to your servers already and suggested my forum post here. So if you are interested in helping with this project, please join my Discord server where we will plan out all the steps we need to finish production.

Please don't expect much activity on the server yet, as we are still in pre-production. If you join and tell me that you want to help as an actor, voice-actor or as someone working with the SDK, I will give you the appropiate ranks and you will be pinged as soon as production is starting.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.
sounds great!

I even remeber your This is EVE trailer .. FC comes from EVE Online originally Big Grin
Ridoc | Zeno aka BADmin aka Ridoc'ulous
Well, would be happy to help. If theres anything I can do let me know.
I am willing to help out. Eventually it depends, If I have time on the specific recording dates. ;-)
i will also help when i would have time at the recording date. .. Smile
tell us the recording date or dates in advance (two weeks at least), so we can trigger it as an event here. we should be able to gather some ppl then.
how many ppl you need in total?

we could set up a training with affiliated clans to scale it up if needed/wanted.

i would be glad to help you out in this promissing project.
(01.10.2019, 23:26)Legolan schrieb: tell us the recording date or dates in advance (two weeks at least), so we can trigger it as an event here. we should be able to gather some ppl then.
how many ppl you need in total?

we could set up a training with affiliated clans to scale it up if needed/wanted.

i would be glad to help you out in this promissing project.

I would be very grateful if you could use clan ressources for this project. It's really difficult to get a large group of players together for these things so if a clan can make an official event out of it that would help immensely.

Of course I'd only ask for these things when we have concrete information and plans. Right now, Fokke and me are still in pre-production. We have a meeting this wednesday to talk about our plans and how we want to overcome some technical problems. 
We recently decided to shoot the trailer on the new Mutaha map as we feel that there, we can get Squads best graphical fidelity right now. If Fallujah releases before we shoot that plan could change but as of right now we will need to change some plans to more urban warfare style scenes because of the map.

That means that we can't provide specific dates right now. It will probably be european-timezone friendly, though. Dates and project info will be announced on my discord and we will discuss best dates there too before we make an announcement.

So you will have to wait a bit until we are ready to announce dates. You also need to understand that we will probably not be able to shoot the whole trailer on one day. 

If you want to be up-to-date and show me that you want to help, feel free to join the Discord server mentioned in my original post. It is the easiest way for me to see, how many players are willing to help with this project.

To answer another question from you: I feel that the biggest scenes could use up to 20 players on screen at the same time.

Best Regards,
We are currently looking at the 20th of november for our first filming session (if there is no massive backlash lol)

More info on the Discord server.

Please note: In order to join our filming events you need to be on the discord server and able to join the voice channel.
20th is fine with me. I wont be home from 21-24.11 though.
was ist das denn für ne uhrzeit???
17 Uhr geht's los. Wer so zeitig da sein kann ist da, wer nicht kommt später
Ohje ... da hab ich Meeting Sad
Ridoc | Zeno aka BADmin aka Ridoc'ulous
ui, 17 uhr is früh. das schaff ich nicht.

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